Follow the steps to Block Suspicious IP address Using Bot Revolt Software:

#1 Download and install Bot Revolt for your Windows PC, You have to mention your name and your email address to get this software for free, (See below)

Bot Revolt

#2 Go to your same email account and check the mail for download link provided by Bot revolt, you will download the update package for software Bot Revolt, and downloading might take some time depends on your connection speed.

Bot Revolt

#3 The packages you downloaded will track your every connection, the updated package will automatically block the suspicious IP’s. (Follow the software instructions)

Block Suspicious IP

#4 In this tool users can also switch to incognito mode but only for paid users.

Use Incognito Mode

After you able to successfully installed and run the software following the instructions then you are fully secure from any inbound suspicious net connection to your computer, even your credentials will be secure on the PC itself.


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