How To Make Auto Shutdown Timer For Windows

How to make your computer system shutdown automatically at a given specified time? it is sure that there are many such software that can be found on the internet but why should we use any third party software just to make our system auto shutdown.
We can create our own file that can make our computer shutdown by providing a particular specified timing, the tutorial is very simple and tiny because of the steps below mention, but user needs to make sure timing in seconds that is; how many seconds are there in 1 minute or how many minutes in 3 hours.
This is a user-friendly process, without using any third party software and makes our computer system healthy. Let’s start the steps below, there is no exception in creating the file that will shutdown your computer automatically only thing is noted is that the timer you specified in your file.

Steps to make your computer system auto shutdown:

Step1. Click on Start and search NotepadOpen your notepad and start typing;
shutdown -s -t 60

shutdown -s -t 60
shutdown -s -t 60
Note: 60 means 60 seconds that is after 1-minute computer will shutdown, you can set as per your timing, if you want to set shutdown timing for one hour then 60 seconds = 1 minute and 60sec x 60minute = 3600, mean your computer will shutdown after one hour.
Note: Only and after double click on that file means your shutdown countdown started.
Step2. After writing the code on your notepad now just save your notepad but clicking on the file and select Save asoption
Save your Shutdown File

Save your Shutdown File
Step3. just rename your file name as per your desire but at the end of the name put .bat, suppose your file name isCodingSecurity then it should look like CodingSecurity.bat at the time of renaming your file, and then Select All Files fromSave As Type, Now click on Save.
Save As Your Desire File Name

Save As Your Desire File Name
After all your file should look like the below image a bat file.
Your Shutdown Bat File

Your Shutdown Bat File
All done now you can see a bat file on your desktop screen. If you have any doubt then feel free to ask using below commentary box.

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