How To Set Android Like Pattern Lock On Your Windows PC

Till now, Android holds the number one position all over the world in terms of popularity, but if we see for desktop computer market then still Windows OS holds the number one position so we understood how people around the world involved within these two OS, likewise what if we merge some features between Windows And Android? We can guess the circumstances.
Today’s tutorial is just for those users who really want to make Windows computer a bit of Android UI and that can be done by using a maze locker for Windows. Only Windows 10 users are not meant for this application.
Just follow the below instruction to implement it any of your Windows Version XP/Vista/7/8.1
Step1. Download Maze Lock For Windows From Official Site.
Maze Lock For Windows

Maze Lock For Windows
Step2. Install and launch Maze Lock For Windows.
Step3. The Z is default pattern from Maze Lock, click on Reset button.
Step4. Now as per your desire, draw your own lock pattern and repeat that password again to confirm again, also set a backup password for your own security.
draw your own lock pattern

draw your own lock pattern
Step5. Now for your settings on Maze Locker, just click on General Tab and make your setting as per your choice.
General Setting Maze Locker

General Setting Maze Locker
At windows startup, your computer will be locked if you have selected Autolock ON, there are several interesting modes you can do, for example; Autolock computer after minutes, Turn Off Monitor After, Autohide unlock window after, disconnect internet when locked after, alert after entering incorrect pattern over.

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