Secure Your Computer By Blocking Dangerous IP Automatically

Basically, spying and other critical bots are always online to find out the vulnerability in your computer, there are million of IP’s on the internet that pretends to be safe but in the actual term, they are very dangerous which may steal your valuable files and credentials from your computer.
After buying a computer, securing it from online is the first part, we secure that by using external Anti-Virus or inbuild OS anti-virus but all we know that they really don’t have such techniques to block or detect any dangerous or suspicious IP’s. There are many spy agency across the internet that tries to keep track on users (so be aware of it).
Some software that works same as your windows firewall but additionally they can detect and block dangerous IP address whichever looks like data theft programs or spyware link. The below methods will extend computer high security.
Bot Revolt: This application in your windows computer monitors the connection and the web address to block any spyware IP address the program detects. The software automatically scans in every .002 seconds looking for the suspicious web address and IP address.


  • Monitors file registry, program installation, keyboard and mouse code control, other suspicious behaviour.
  • Monitors all internet connection to block suspicious IP’s
  • The software also displays that who and from where the IP located.
  • The software automatically updates itself each day to protect its users from various new threats.

Follow the steps to Block Suspicious IP address Using Bot Revolt Software:

#1 Download and install Bot Revolt for your Windows PC, You have to provide your name and your email address to get this software for free, (See below)
Bot Revolt

Bot Revolt
#2 Go to your same email account and check the mail for download link provided by Bot revolt, you will download the update package for software Bot Revolt, and downloading might take some time depends on your connection speed.
Bot Revolt

Bot Revolt
#3 The packages you downloaded will track your every connection, the updated package will automatically block the suspicious IP’s. (Follow the software instructions)
Block Suspicious IP

Block Suspicious IP
#4 In this tool users can also switch to incognito mode but only for paid users.
Use Incognito Mode

Use Incognito Mode
After you able to successfully installed and run the software following the instructions then you are fully secure from any inbound suspicious net connection to your computer, even your credentials will be secure on the PC itself.

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