How To Use Your Android As Computer Microphone In Two Method

The Android OS is very much different from the Windows OS, still we want to do many things using this two devices together and look what we did, we managed to use Android Mic for Windows computer.
We know that you might have sufficient money to get a Mic for your windows computer, but this trick will help to those who can’t effort Mic for their computer, the purpose of using Android mic, must be used for chat with friends and families, if you play too much counterstrike via online/LAN then you should follow this tutorial.

There are two methods, use as per your comfort!

Step1: Go to Wo MicDownload and install software Client Setup Program and Wo Mic Device Driver. Download WO Mic Client package for Mac.
Download Wo Mic

Download Wo Mic
Step2: Now back to your Android device and download Wo Mic application.
Download Wo Mic For Android

Download Wo Mic For Android
Step3: Lunch your Wo Mic Application from your Android device and click on Transport, from here you will have to pairyour Android device with your computer and for that select your device connectivityBluetoothUSB or WiFi?
Select the Connectivity Mode

Select the Connectivity Mode
Step4: After connectivity selected. Select settings and inside settings you will see many Audio sources, so you need to click on Mic.
Select Mic From Settings - Audio Source

Select Mic From Settings – Audio Source
Step5: All process for now done on your Android device, now get back to your computer and open Mo Mic Client, select the connection type transport as BluetoothUSB or WiFi.
Open Your Computer Wo Mic Application

Open Your Computer Wo Mic Application
After the similar connection, such as USB to USB from both Android device to your computer, you will be get connected.

What is the other alternative?

Real Microphone is another alternative method – through which you can use your smartphone device as Mic. just a simple steps and you are on the go.
Step1: Download and install Real Microphone from its official site Microsoft.
Step2: Now just open that application and connect your Male to Male Jack from your computer to your Androidsmartphone, (Use Male And Male Jack – both the side should be Male Jack).
Real Microphone is another alternative

Real Microphone is another alternative
Step3: Now just after connecting you will be prompt that your device is now connected to your computer to use yoursmartphone’s mic.
Now you can have a voice chat with your friends directly, Using Facebook calls feature, you can also use the chat feature on WhatsApp from your desktop using BlueStacks.
Source: CodingSec

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