How To Disable USB Port In Windows No One Can Steal Your Data

Have you ever realised the insecurity whenever your relative or
friends use your computer without taking your prior permission?
may be yes,because you may have your confidential files and other
documents which you really don’t want to open publically.
If you really want to block your USB port in your Windows then
you should follow the process and instruction we have provided
below, the instruction will lead you, that how can it be possible,
you can really block your USB port and later on, you can able to
unblock it.

There are three best methods in which you can

block your USB port:

1. Block By Changing The Registry
2. Block By Disabling USB Device Manager
3. Block By Uninstalling Your USB Mass Storage Drivers
To Analysis Your Steps On Every Methods! Follow the below
instruction in 3 Methods!

#1 Block USB Port By Changing The Registry

In this process you can change your registry value so that you
can block your USB port in windows, the process is very simple
if you continue to do the same process repeatedly, then you can
save your time by doing the setting speedly.
This is one of the first methods that we recommended.
Step1. From your desktop press Windows button + R that is Win+R
Step2. You will be prompt with Run Window and in that Type Regedit


Step3. Soon you will see the window in which you have to follow
till the end, go to HIKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM ->


Step4. Within USBSTOR, you will see START at the right side
of the window Registry Editor.
Step5. Double Click on START and change the Value Data
with 4 to disable your USB port and if you want to enable your
USB port then change the value back to 3.
Step6. After changing the value just click on OK and close the
Registry Editor.

#2 Block USB Port By Disabling USB Device Manager

We have alternative choices for you, if you tried out the above
method and didn’t work then you can use this method, this is
the method that will definitely work because you are directly
accessing to the USB port managers, from there you can disable
all your USB port.


Step1. From desktop, Right Click on My Computer, Select on MANAGE
Step2. You will see a new window and at the top of that window
written Computer Management.
Step3. You can see System Tools, from there click on Device Manager.
Step4. On Device Manager find Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
Step5. Right click on every USBC to disable all the drivers.
Note: If you see no changes in your settings then you have to
restart your computer.

#3 Block USB Port By Uninstalling Your USB Mass

Storage Drivers

This method is really a time taking, because, in this process you
need to uninstall all your USB drivers from your windows computer.
If you have already used the above methods and didn’t worked
– then you are bound to do this method.
In this method the step is same as the above mentioned but there is
only change, and that is you don’t have to disable your USB drivers
instead of that you have to click on Uninstall on each and every drivers
and sooner you will see that all of your drivers from the Device
Manager removed and you need to restart your computer to get this
thing working properly.
If you have any query in the above mention methods then you can
ask by commenting below.

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